The Right Blaster 

So if you’ve found yourself here then surely you must be ready for some action! But you have to make sure you’re prepared to the fullest so you can come out blasting the whole game or really what did you show up for, right?!? Well we are here to help, here are five things to consider when choosing the perfect gun for battle.

1. What type of battle will you be in? - Are you planning to play in teams or an all out “every man for himself” war? This info helps you to see what position you will play in battle. If it is a team battle, what are your teammates bringing and how will your nerf gun help out the group? These questions will definitely get you on the right path!

2. Do you want to be accurate or power packed? - Do you need a sniper type nerf like the Raptor Strike gun or an automatic like the Rapidstrike gun? These are things to consider as you make your gun selection as well.
3. AMMO! - Your darts are what keep you in the game! How much or how little do you want to work in this area? Do you want to have a magazine (clip for darts) for quick changes or will you be ok with a dart belt? How many darts will your gun hold? Can a quick reload behind a barrier even be possible?

4. How are the attachments?
- Does the gun have attachments for stability? Maybe you want to perch yourself up to knock battlers out as the come, does your gun have a stand like the Rhino Fire? Or are you playing at night can you gun have the attachment space for a tactical light? These are important attachments that will help you out in battle.

5. Pick a side piece! - What’s better than one Nerf gun? TWO! One great gun is vital but a smaller nerf gun can make the difference in you capturing the flag or not! During reloads is always great to have something small like the Big Shock to keep other battlers away. In battle picking a side piece is vital.

Welp those are the five tips we have to help you get the best blaster for battle! Choose wisely and have the time of your life!


Raptor Strike




Rhino Fire


Big Shot



Darts, Bullets, Ammo... Oh My!!!
Here’s the thing, without the darts you’re out of the game. Point blank period. Its clear that ammo is pretty important, so here are the types of darts we have to offer for your battle needs.
1. Accustrike Darts - Made for accuracy and straight flying. 2. Prototype Darts - Made for more impact on connection. 3. Mega Darts and Mega Whistlers - larger in size and the whistlers bring fear from the sound.4. Vortex Disks - Made for the Vortex Nerf Gun Line.5. Elite Darts - They are able to fit in most Nerf guns and come in various colors. 6. Arrow/Missile Darts - For archer/bow Nerf guns.
The darts are where the battle starts and end! Peruse the list and see what works best for your battle and blaster. Then let the games begin!

The Aha Moment

Our Ready Aim Darts Aha Moment...
So when Dwayne and I began dating, he was young and free and he lived the “guys life” to the fullest! He and his brother had the quintessential bachelors pad fully stocked with Gatorade, all gaming systems and Scarface posters on the walls. In those days impromptu Nerf battles happened often flipping over coffee tables and hiding underneath their hand me down dining room that only had three chairs. So Nerf battles were in our make up.
As we got more serious and older... the Scarface posters moved over to Doc McStuffin posters and family portraits but Nerf battles were still in rotation. Less often but still always a time to get together and have fun. As the years progressed our collection grew.
One year, Dwayne’s parents planned a camping trip in Broken Bow, OK and invited everyone out. Cousins, aunts, uncles, girlfriends, boyfriends, babies and big kids alike and of course our tribe who had just grown to five after the arrival of our twins who were just seven months then.
The open space of the campsite was the perfect spot for the most epic Nerf battle we had ever had! So we packed up all of the guns we had at the time and hit the road.The Nerf battle was indeed EPIC! We ran and yelled and jumped like kids. The little and big kids had the times of their lives!(That is until it was time to pick up the darts at the end LOL)
After hearing everyone talk about the time they had and the fun they had we knew our simple pastime was something that everyone could do and have. And that was the small spark to the idea that became Ready Aim Darts!


How to Plan A Battle Babe Birthday Bash!!

Of course, with many new endeavors family is most times the first guinea pigs and luckily for Kay, she got to be the first Ready Aim Darts party! Nerf parties are often deemed as a boy celebration but when the owners of a Nerf Rental and Party Company has this many little ladies a guide to have a femme fight on the field (come on alliteration!!) would be sure to come.

First let’s talk decorations, because what is a girl party without pretty things to look at. Although we were planning a battle it was imperative for the decor to represent the girly girl that we were celebrating. Kay and I'm sure many other cat ear headband wearing girls has a floral print for any occasion so florals for the party was a must. These easy birthday battle frames were the first makes of the party. This was followed by signage to cement in our party theme that girls can do anything!

Next, we have to talk about games and activities. While the Nerf war is the main attraction, you always have to keep a backup plan for down times in between. I mean if you don't have some sort of target practice what are you even doing? We had two different targets to get busy with. One for sniper guns like the Centurion and one for archer guns like the Stratobow . We of course also had bubbles and potato sack races to keep the kiddos busy.

Lastly, we have to talk about the dart guns!!! Kay and the many cousins and friends plus her Dad and Uncles ran, screamed, jumped and played with the coolest guns in the bunch. There was no question that the Rebelle line would be front and center for the Nerf war. Kay played all afternoon with the Fearless Fire Blaster. While Dad ran alongside with The Judge from the Doomsland Gun Line.

Ready Aim Darts is ready to give your baby girl battler the party fit for a warrior princess. Choose your package and add ons and we will take it from there!! Book your Battle Bash Today!!!