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About Us

Hey there, we are Dwayne and Brandi!
We came to realize that birthdays, after having children, become entire events with weeks of planning and budgeting. In 2014, shortly before becoming an one income household, we planned the most extravagant Frozen party that our money could pay for with a visit from Elsa included, but the lasting thought from the whole magical experience was that we ran out of PIZZA!
A year later we moved from a family of three to five with the arrival of our twins and the birthday planning ante went up. After a camping trip with a huge Nerf battle we had our aha moment and saw the opportunity for this business to come and help other people and their family have fun.
We are a small family owned and ran business in the Dallas area working to help you get out and get active in the most exhilarating way. We know how it feels to want to throw an amazing party but not break the bank and that is what Ready Aim Darts hopes to assist with. We plan to help you celebrate your big kids birthday barbecue or even host a B.Y.O.B battle bash with your grown up buddies.
We just want to help you, your friends and your family make memories and simply have fun. Those are the things we hold closely and value as a business. Life can sometimes be something of a web to find a way through but taking time to create a time of enjoyment and excitement is what we envision for you and your loved ones.
Our Mission
Our small business, Ready Aim Darts, exists to provide a fun and affordable experience for kids, big kids and the kids at heart.

Your Ready Aim Darts Family

Our Promise

To help you celebrate all the goods of life as they currently are without being stretched thin.